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  • 1/11/13 Don’t Let 15 Minutes of Fame Cripple Your Business

    Companies can install security systems to try and keep out hackers. They can ask employees to sign non-compete clauses to keep them from stealing their trade secrets. But businesses likely aren’t protecting themselves against perhaps the most damaging threats of all, the “15 minutes of fame” phenomenon sweeping the world. Facebook, MySpace, Twi

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    1/08/13 The Retirement Complication

    As Baby Boomers enter “retirement age”, a term now used ironically, they are faced with a number of new challenges that can cause them to re-assess their future. These complications can be difficult to deal with and may require additional insurance and financial planning. Decreased Retirement Funds: After the crash of the stock and housing mark

  • 1/03/13 Is Your Business Too Small For Big Business Problems? Think Again

    Most business owners consider discrimination, sexual harassment and wrongful termination lawsuits to be exclusives to big business. They also think they are safe from computer hackers because, “Why would anyone try to break into my system, when there are Fortune 500 companies out there?” The truth is most business owners don’t understand that th

  • 12/27/12 The Importance of a Personal Liability Policy

    Legal fees are often the largest expense homeowners are faced with when sued due to someone being injured on their property or by an automobile accident. You can be exposed for bodily injury and property damage claims along with defense costs if proper excess limits are not secured through a personal excess liability or umbrella policy. HUB Inte

  • 12/17/12 Counterfeit Wine: A New Crime of Deception

    All over the world, wine is drunk in celebration, in religious ceremonies, after a stressful day and to accompany a fine meal. Most people enjoy the flavor, the history and the rarity of a bottle, and many horde bottles of prized vintage for upcoming events and as an investment in the future. Yet, few can tell if they are drinking a true 1944 Pi