Real Estate

At HUB International, we’ve proven a strong dedication to serving the real estate community, making us a leading broker for both residential and commercial properties throughout the nation. We understand the insurance requirements of your properties and work to arrange comprehensive insurance and risk management programs to best fit your unique needs. Our group buying power allows us to bring you more value, including enhanced pricing and coverage terms.

Additionally, we offer many value-added services to our clients as part of their agreement with us at no additional charge. Some of these services include loss control and worker safety education, and claims management services. Our commitment to a "standard of service" has enabled us to continually work with some of the most prominent commercial management companies in the country.

Many real estate owners and managers are faced with dealing with environmental threats against their properties such as mold, lead paint, asbestos, etc. Our team of in-house environmental insurance experts work to educate you on the perils you may face as a real estate owner, manager or developer, and help you find the best policy to protect against these threats.

We pride ourselves at being at the forefront of new developments in the industry and work hard to educate our clients on events that may affect their insurance programs. For example, we have held seminars for the real estate community over the past few years educating them on such topics as the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act, and the Sidewalk Liability and Lead Paint Legislation.

For more information on our offerings for real estate, please contact:

John Piazza
Senior Vice President
Phone: 800-370-0642