Private Equity

The complexity of Mergers and Acquisitions often makes it difficult to adequately assess all the risk exposures and liabilities associated with a particular deal. Increasingly, insurance professionals are being called upon to assist venture capital and private equity firms in their due diligence process by providing an array of consulting services in addition to their more traditional roles associated with insurance placement. 

Having completed over 130 acquisitions over the past decade, the experts at HUB International are very familiar with the needs related to these transactions and are uniquely qualified to identify and assess deal related issues. Our due diligence teams have consistently demonstrated their ability to provide innovative solutions through state of the art insurance products. 

Special features:

  • Due Diligence Services
    • Review of current and historical insurance programs
      • Coverage Adequacy
      • Carrier Solvency Issues
  • Claims Review
  • Accrual Adequacy
  • Collateral Issues
  • Purchase Agreement Wording
  • Transactional Insurance Products
    • Representations and Warranties Insurance
    • Tax Liability Insurance
    • Litigation Buyout Insurance
  • Transition and Change of Control Issues
    • Claims made policies
    • Expired occurrence policies
  • Cost of Risk Analysis
    • Current Program
    •  Pro-forma Budget

For more information on our offerings for private equity, please contact:

Michael S. Chapman CPCU, ARM
Chief Sales Officer
(P) 978-661-6821

Ian Skinner
Vice President
(P) 781-792-3215