Bonding & Construction

HUB International Limited has assembled a team of insurance, surety and risk management professionals who understand the special risk management and insurance challenges of the Construction industry, and are actively involved in partnership with our clients and construction industry organizations in responding proactively to these challenges. 

HUB's construction specialists have a sense of urgency and commitment to problem-solving which are crucial in serving the construction industry.  Their long-standing relationships with all major insurance markets and sources of risk management services mean your HUB Construction Industry Service Team is uniquely well-positioned to produce creative solutions to industry problems.

  • Bidding deadlines won't wait, so our construction specialists deal directly with appropriate insurers to obtain timely quotations on Owners and Contractors' Protective Liability and Builder's Risk coverage for you to include in their bid calculations.
  • Expertise in specialty coverage such as Contractors' Pollution Liability, Equipment or Installation Floaters, and Property coverage is a HUB strength.
  • Familiarity with the construction industry means HUB's specialists recognize the need for, and have the marketing clout to negotiate coverage enhancements which address the special needs of construction companies.
  • At all stages of the process, from program design and financial analysis through insurance marketing, loss control and claims administration -- and in demanding areas like environmental risk management and wrap-up programs, your HUB Construction Industry Service Team has the experience, understanding and creativity to respond effectively to the unique insurance and risk management needs and expectations of the construction industry.

HUB International’s customized services for construction industry clients go well beyond insurance marketing.

  • We can help construction industry clients fine-tune bids on future jobs by projecting possible changes in their Workers' Compensation experience modification factors long before the actual adjustment becomes available.
  • Tracking subcontractor's insurance certificates can be a less time-consuming task with HUB monitoring and managing the process.
  • Contractual language regarding insurance requirements has caused considerable controversy between clients, general contractors, and subcontractors. As a partner to its construction industry clients, HUB has participated in this continuing discussion, and our construction industry specialists have analyzed and worked with a wide range of responses to contractual issues. Their in-depth experience means they can often provide useful counsel to clients on this key contractual question.

Program Design

  • Assess your risk management goals, philosophy and service expectations
  • Advise regarding general insurance market conditions and analysis
  • Insurer analysis including financial ratings, underwriting philosophy, strategy and service capability
  • Develop renewal marketing strategy
  • Develop “Request for Proposal” for submission of your company account to appropriate insurance markets
  • Market your company account, analyze responses and make recommendations to your management that are consistent with your philosophy, goals and service expectations

Policy Placements 

  • Issue binders and coverage documentation
  • Arrange premium financing, carrier instalments or other financing options
  • Follow up for policies and check for accuracy prior to delivery
  • Timely delivery of Automobile ID Cards

Program Administration

  • Issue certificates of insurance
  • Arrange for midterm policy endorsements as needed
  • Answer coverage inquiries as they arise in a timely manner
  • Review contracts (leases, construction contracts, vendor agreements etc.) for risk management and insurance related issues and provide recommendations
  • Directly negotiate, at your direction, with owners, other contractors, subcontractors etc., or their insurance representatives on risk management and insurance issues
  • Provide training and education in risk management and insurance topics to your employees involved in this area.


  • Meet with your personnel involved in the claim process to determine procedures and lines of communication by coverage line and/or carrier
  • Claim trending and analysis
  • Act as liaison between you and the selected carrier or TPA
  • Develop claims handling procedures for the carrier or TPA to follow in providing you service
  • Assist in the resolution of coverage and compensability issues
  • Management of sensitive claims
  • Assist in the monitoring and controlling of reserves set by the carrier/TPA
  • Review claims reserves for accuracy on workers comp prior to submission of unit stat cards 

Loss Control

  • Assess needs and agree on service objectives -accomplished by meeting with your management
  • Identify service providers for each objective
  • Establish specific services and schedules
  • Commit service plan to writing
  • Implement plan as agreed
  • Monitoring plan (are specific services being provided, why or why not)
  • Re-evaluate your needs and amend service plan as necessary

For more information, please contact:

William Labbe,CPCU, CIC, AIS
Vice President
Phone: 508-235-2208

Barry Horgan
Bond Manager
Phone: 508-235-2203