Eric Lowe, CSMP, CWPM

Eric Lowe Risk Management and Employee Wellness Consultant

Eric Lowe is a Risk Management and Employee Wellness Consultant in HUB International’s Boise, Idaho office. Eric has over 25 years of experience in safety management and training, primarily as a nuclear power plant operator, safety supervisor and instructor aboard submarines in the Navy. 

After retiring with 20 years of service aboard the USS Boise in 2006, Eric moved his wife and two teen daughters to his hometown of Boise where he worked for four years as safety and training director at a construction equipment company before joining Premier (now HUB) Insurance in 2010. 

A founding Member of Focus on the Drive, Co-Chair of the Idaho AGC Safety Committee, member of ASSE’s Distracted Driving Committee and USS Boise crew support committee, Eric is always happy to find free time to play his guitar or work on a new project in his recording studio.