HUB International Midwest Limited is a leading provider of surety bonds. We have met the bonding requirements of contractors, manufacturers, financial institutions and other organizations of all sizes both in the private and public sector. We are committed to understanding your business plan, needs and goals for the future to find the best product at a competitive price. We can work with you to craft solutions even with some of the most challenging projects. We have the industry knowledge to bring you insights keeping you competitive.

We understand your surety needs. 

We will:

  • Deliver necessary bonding capacity
  • Maintain competitive pricing/terms
  • Diversify surety carrier relationships
  • Develop efficiencies through technology 


HUB International Midwest Limited has strong relationships with a wide range of surety companies on a national and regional level who share our vision and commitment to delivering an enhanced client experience. 

These relationships allow us to:

  • Deliver the highest level capacity for future needs
  • Work directly with the most experienced underwriters and resources
  • Deeper access to risk management and other client services
  • Help develop new resources for you, the client

Our surety bond products include:

  • Construction Bonds
  • Commercial Bonds
  • National Engineering & Construction Bonds

Surety Marketing

HUB International Midwest Limited approaches the marketing of any surety program from a risk management standpoint. 

We will partner with you to:

  • Review your existing exposures/needs
  • Review appropriate surety alternatives
  • Review marketing options in the current surety environment
  • Prepare detailed submission to sureties, targeting your goals
  • Negotiate with underwriters for the most favorable terms and conditions
  • Analyze and compare the quoted programs
  • Present options

Technology Advantage

HUB International Midwest Limited has the technology to meet your surety bond requirements. Our technology provides you with reliable and efficient surety bond tracking and management.

  • 24/7 Bond Portfolio management
  • A robust, online, shared database
  • A corporate, global view
  • Division-specific access
  • A web-based program (no installation necessary)
  • Real-time information provided in one click
  • Views of specific bonds
  • Report sorting options
  • Outstanding liability
  • Easier renewals
  • Reductions and releases
  • A noticeable cost and time savings

Jim Moore

Jim Moore

President, Surety

Jim Moore is the President of the HUB International Midwest Limited Surety team. He has over 25 years of experience in Surety at the local and national level working across all product lines. Prior to joining HUB, Mr. Moore was with Scheer's, Inc. as President and Bond Manager. Previously, he was with USF&G Insurance Company as a Surety Underwriter. Currently, Mr. Moore is a member of the National Association of Surety Bond Producers (NASBP) and the Surety Association of America (SAA).



  • B.A., University of Illinois - Urbana/Champaign




  • Casualty; Fire; Health; Life; Long-Term Care