HUB 360°

At HUB International Midwest Limited, we believe that creating and maintaining a culture of health and performance goes beyond implementation of standalone wellness and safety initiatives. Our HUB 360° Integrated Health Management strategy incorporates medical/wellness, disability and worker's compensation into an overall Health Management Strategy. We bring together in-house experts in Employee Benefits (Health & Performance) and Commercial Risk (Risk Management) to craft an integrated strategy customized for our clients' needs and objectives. Our unique collaboration may result in lower absenteeism, increase workforce productivity while optimizing return on investment. By taking an integrated approach, your organization can work towards achieving a higher level of performance


HUB International Midwest Limited works with our clients to determine the most effective approach based on the direction and purpose for the HUB 360° Integrated Health Management solution. The components within health/wellness, disability and worker's compensation will be applied differently to your unique culture. We have a modular approach to allow for client flexibility. The decision on how best to proceed is a mutual collaboration between you and HUB.

HUB International Midwest Limited will work with you to create a HUB 360° Integrated Health Management Strategy. These components can include:

Integrated Health Management Strategic & Tactical Planning

  • Risk Assessment
    • Organizational Analysis
    • Culture Evaluation
    • Physical Assessment
    • Loss Analysis and Benchmarking
  • Integrated Health Management Strategic Planning
    • Goals & Metrics
    • Programming, Resources, Environment
    • Marketing & Communications
    • Behavioral Influencers
    • Annual planning
    • Multi-Year Planning
  • Strategic Operational Integration
    • Individual Risk-Health Assessment
    • Committee Integration
    • Budget Integration
    • Internal systems integration
    • Vendor Integration
  • Strategic Performance Management & Evaluation
    • Cost Allocation System Implementation
    • Performance Management System Implementation
    • Audits & Inspections Processes
    • Data warehousing & integration


Value of HUB 360°

The health of America's workforce is declining rapidly causing employers to revisit strategies around healthcare, health & safety, employee recruitment & retention, employee productivity and absence management. Our comprehensive suite of products and services working together with both Employee Benefits and Commercial Risk can support your business performance now and in the future.

By taking an integrated approach with your Employee Benefits and Commercial Risk solutions you can improve the efficiencies and effectiveness of all your health management strategies maximizing your return on investment.

The Benefits of HUB 360° Integrated Health Management:

  • Increased Worker Performance
  • Increased Worker Productivity
  • Lower Workers' Comp Costs
  • Lower Worker Absence Rate
  • Higher Organizational Morale