HUB International Midwest Limited provides communications services giving our clients effective vehicles to best support our clients’ employee communications strategies and initiatives.

Effective human resources communication is critical to a successful operation. You invest considerable energy and resources in the benefits that you provide to your employees. We can help you to effectively communicate those benefits and better their understanding. We can match our deliverables to best speak to your audience. We offer a variety of communications services that can be used to help highlight a particular issue, benefit change or new program, or for a targeted demographic.

One key differentiator for HUB International Midwest Limited is the broad communication services we provide. We can work with you to develop a comprehensive communication plan and timeline.

Employee Benefit Communications

HUB International Midwest Limited brings creativity, industry expertise and technology to our employee benefits communications. The end goal is employee understanding and participation in your benefits program. The array of services includes, but is not limited to the following: 

  • Open Enrollment Presentations
  • Employee Newsletters
  • Wellness Communications
  • Benefit Guides/e-Magazine Benefit Guides
  • Benefits Announcements
  • Open Enrollment Communications/Postcard Design
  • Pre-Recorded Open Enrollment Web Presentations

Open Enrollment Support 

Effective open enrollment communications and meetings are critical to the success of the employee benefits plan. HUB open enrollment support includes the following:

  • Coordination of the event with all applicable carriers
  • Preparation and execution of the open enrollment meetings
  • Coordination of all applicable fulfillment materials
  • Attendance by HUB Service Team member 

Client Resources

HUB International Midwest Limited is committed to keeping our clients updated on new developments.  Our easy-to-understand bulletins and webinars summarize health care reform legislative information and provisions. HUB's attorneys also provide on-task actionable analysis through timelines, plan amendments, employee communications, seminars, and client-specific compliance reviews.

HUB offers the following educational solutions that are designed to expand your and your employees' knowledge base:

  • Access to our online resource center which includes a complete library of guidance on Health Care Reform, available 24/7. Allowing you access to the latest updates and information whenever you need it.
  • As a client, you will be automatically subscribed to our email bulletins. These bulletins provide you with timely, accurate updates on a wide range of legislative and regulatory issues including, but not limited to, PPACA, ERISA, COBRA, HIPAA, FLMA, CFRA, ADA, Medicare, and IRS rules.
  • Monthly Wellness Newsletters for your use and to distribute to your employees.
  • Quarterly HUB Connects Bulletin specifically geared toward Employee Benefits.
  • On-going webinars and seminars. 

HUB Portal

HUB International Midwest Limited recognizes that many employers are seeking a more effective and efficient means of communicating important information to their employees. Today, technology-based systems are forging the way toward improved communications, increased productivity, streamlined processes and cost savings for Human Resources and Benefits departments.

As a HUB International Midwest Limited client, you have 24/7 access to a customized online portal that offers time-saving tools and makes it easier for you to connect and communicate with your HUB Service Team, industry peers, and your employees. This personalized website partners with your HR team regarding plan administration, employee communication, and legislative compliance. It provides quick access to benefit plan summaries, web links, provider directories, forms, templates and a variety of other materials-all from a single location, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple websites to find all of the resources that your employees need. 

Molly Clarke Michalak

Molly Clarke Michalak

Strategic Resource & Communications Manager

Molly Michalak is the Strategic Resource & Communications Manager with HUB International Midwest Limited.  She has over 10 years of experience with a particular focus on marketing and client communications. Prior to joining HUB, Ms. Michalak was with JustinBradley as a Financial Recruiter. Previously, she was with Metropolitan Capital Bank for over five years as Private Capital Manager and Marketing Manager.


  • B.A., DePauw University