Human Capital Consulting

Our Team

HUB International’s Human Capital consultants have the human resources (HR) experience and genuine dedication to quality performance that allows us to cater to our clients’ needs on an exclusive and personalized basis. When our clients succeed, we rejoice—as we are truly passionate about creating a thriving workforce. 

Our Approach

We offer clients practical solutions tailored to address their needs. We look to establish a relationship based on the high quality of the services we provide, mutual respect and trust. Most importantly, this approach gives us the flexibility to provide the perfect level of support that our clients need. We’re adept at assessing the current state of our clients’ organizations and collaborating with them to develop and implement cutting-edge HR strategies. We are passionate about enhancing our clients' workforce to help them develop and retain a high-performing, skilled workforce so they can focus on what they do best.

Our Clients

Regardless of size, industry or complexity, our diverse portfolio of clients share a desire to create an engaged and thriving employee population. In order to drive employee engagement, we work with our clients' existing teams to plan and execute a proactive, progressive human capital strategy that meets the demands of a changing workforce.

Change Management


In order to remain competitive, companies must plan for how changes may affect the productivity and overall health of their organization. Comprehensive change management not only prepares organizations for the road ahead, it also helps ensure a nimble and flexible workforce. An established change management plan enables companies to look confidently to the future.

Workforce Management

Keeping a workforce healthy and productive is key to an organization’s success. HUB International’s Workforce Management Consulting practice uses lean techniques to improve processes and policies to help our clients do just that. 

Our Services

  • Total Absence Management
  • Risk Tracker Program
  • Lean Process Improvement
  • Case Management
  • Return to Work Programs
  • Judgment Index

Our holistic approach provides a panoramic view of our clients' organizations as they relates to absenteeism and productivity among employees. We develop integrated solutions that increase compliance to policies and optimize the talent that is inherent within each organization. 

Non-Profit Practice

Today’s philanthropic investors expect a high level of professionalism from the non-profit organizations they support. In order to be successful, the fundraising initiatives of an organization must exceed expectations and speak to the interests of its donors.

HUB’s Non-Profit and Public Affairs experts have a passion for “Impacting Missions that Impact Others.” Our commitment to this principle ensures that our passion for maximizing our clients' funding potential matches its zeal for helping others. Our goal is simple: to leave our clients better off financially and with a stronger development operation than when we started.

ihouse, HRIS Consulting

HRIS analysis, professional system selection and a successful implementation are the keys to elevating the value of human resource services of any organization. ihouse takes our clients' Human Resource Information System projects from start to finish: our focus is on helping clients achieve their goals. We absorb the workload and we equip our clients' teams with the knowledge and tools they’ll need to take the ball and run with it.

HRIS Analysis

  • ihouse will meet with your stakeholders to learn how your current HR systems and processes operate. We then diagram your current situation and recommend an optimal future state based on your goals. 

System Selection

  • Once we determine a future state direction, ihouse will manage the system selection process to include RFP development and distribution, vendor correspondence and demonstration management, reference checking and contract consultation.

Project Management

  • Our analysis work will allow you to begin a successful implementation because your requirements and roadmap are clearly defined. Our project manager will keep you on schedule by holding the vendor accountable and ensuring that they clearly understand your expectations. We will give you full visibility into our work through status reports and deliverables tracking.

The Result

  • Our clients gain a fully-implemented HRIS that fits their organization's unique needs and helps them reach their unique goals—and an environment where all team members are trained to maximize the system and all stakeholders benefit from its output.