Workers Compensation

HUB International Midwest Limited is focused on the current and changing environment surrounding workers' compensation. As a client, we will keep you updated on any legislative changes and how it impacts your location. The goal is to optimize your cost-savings and protect your organization. We partner with you to provide with placement, rules and regulations and claims resolution that is appropriate for your business and its location.

Our claims advocacy team works with you to manage the claims process seamlessly and in a timely manner. We are available to answer your questions and deal with any claims issues. Our claims management process will work to minimize the consequences of any direct and indirect costs, litigation and any other issues. Our comprehensive solutions aim to lessen your Total Cost of Risk (TCOR).


As a trusted advisor we will work to drive down your workers' compensation costs. We will work with you to not only manage issues when they arise but also to look at way to reduce injury and loss while decreasing absenteeism.

The best way to avoid workers' compensation claims is to avoid accidents, especially those accidents that are preventable. Our loss prevention specialists will evaluate your working environment, design safety plans and help you to make your environment a safer place. If an accident does occur, our prompt claims management process is built with the focus on your bottom line.