HUB International Midwest Limited understands the need to bring a diverse team specialized in different disciplines to create environmental risk solutions. The risk associated with third-party liability and the environment is very prevalent today. Business finances, goals and objectives can be threatened by to the negative effects from environmental issues due to the ever-changing environmental legislation and regulations. The increase in current and forthcoming environmental regulations and legislation can bring about financial penalties for non-compliance. HUB will act as your partner, advising you of your exposure and helping you to protect your assets.


HUB International Midwest Limited is committed to acting as your trusted advisor helping you to protect your assets vulnerable to environmental risk. We:

  • Identify any potential environmental liabilities
  • Craft a customized insurance programs that fits the goals and interests of your business while taking in to account your risk tolerance
  • Utilize our Risk Service and Claims Team to ensure that claim trends are addressed and should a loss occur, we seamlessly manage your claims process for timely recovery.
  • Address any complexities associated with business, regulatory or litigation change including any mergers or acquisitions.