Cyber Liability

Cyber liability insurance is no longer just for big companies or financial institutions. With the rise in technology use and the increased responsibility to protect Personal Identifiable Information and Personal Health Information, businesses of all sizes and in all industries face mounting risk from hackers accessing customers’ names and contact information. Your employees’ social security numbers, home addresses and health records are also at risk. Security breaches can be the result of a cyberattack, internal or third-party data center error, simple carelessness or lawlessness. Lost or stolen information may lead to notification costs, fines and penalties, and third-party lawsuits.

Our cyber liability insurance specialists help you assess your risk and exposures and ensure you have all the critical components you need in a Cyber/Privacy Liability policy. And should you fall victim to a data security breach or lost data, our claims management and consulting experts mobilize to help you get back on track.