Greenhouse Insurance

Growing Is Your Business, Protecting It Is Ours

Destruction is most often bestowed at the hands of Mother Nature, and although your greenhouse is a controlled environment, the uncontrollable factors bring an element of uncertainty. The risks associated with this carry a heavy responsibility, and insurance for greenhouses becomes an important consideration. That's where we come in.  HUB International, with over thirty years of experience in greenhouse insurance, has you covered with a program tailored to meet the needs of your greenhouse facility.

HUB International has developed a greenhouse insurance program designed to meet the increasing needs of the industry. Our greenhouse insurance programs provide comprehensive coverage and a wide choice of options.

Glass and Poly Greenhouses including all permanently attached fixtures and equipment such as benching, lighting, plumbing, and electrical, CO2 and rock wool or similar growing media.

Service Buildings includes all permanently attached fixtures and equipment such as boilers, generators, irrigation systems, refrigeration equipment, environmental computers and pumps.

Crop protection for flowering and tropical plants, fruits and vegetables, trees and cacti while within your greenhouses.

Boiler and Machinery protection to cover mechanical breakdown of equipment necessary to your operation such as boilers, generators and refrigeration equipment.

Business Interruption coverage to replace loss of income while your greenhouse facility is being rebuilt due to an insured loss.

Liability protection to cover you for losses arising from your premises, operations and products. It also includes limited pollution liability protection.

Customized Greenhouse Insurance Programs, which can include Automobile Fleets, Umbrella Liability, Group Health and Disability Insurance.

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