Food and Beverage

Consumers today are more aware of food security, safety and quality, and are demanding more information about how their food is processed.  More than ever, consumers want to know that their food is safe and that it has been produced in an environmentally responsible manner. 

Food and beverage insurance industry insurance provides full-scale coverage of your operations.  Our commitment takes us from the primary producer to the processors, wholesalers and distributors. We recognize the importance of the direct and indirect risks that your company faces.

At the primary production level we are keenly aware of the challenges that climate, disease and weather risks can have on profitability. 

We are proud to work closely with a number of commodity groups in the agriculture sector, which keeps us aware of trends in the industry as well as dynamics likely to have a significant impact in the future.

At the processing stage we recognize the huge importance of product integrity. If not handled correctly, product contamination can have drastic consequences, both in terms of direct and indirect costs.  Product recall insurance can cover some or all of the costs in a product withdrawal situation.

Standard coverages, including contingent business interruption coverage, are vital to managing situations outside your control but which could have a direct impact on your business.

HUB's resources are closely aligned with the industries in which we specialize. Trade credit and accounts receivable insurance are in high demand in this sector.  Trade credit is attractive to people in the industry because it provides peace of mind, delivers banking efficiencies and contributes to sales.  The value is even greater for businesses operating in the areas where the margin rate is lower than average.

Our mergers and acquisitions services are attractive to the food and beverage segment because of the amount of consolidation in the industry.  This pattern is likely to continue well into the future.

We would be delighted to discuss our approach to risk management as well as food and beverage industry insurance solutions at your convenience.

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