HUB International has a team of insurance, surety and risk management professionals that understand the special insurance challenges of the construction industry and proactively partner with clients and construction industry organizations in responding to these challenges.

Building a Sound Foundation

  • HUB experts understand construction’s fast-paced, changing environment, sense of urgency and inherent exposures.
  • Connect with a HUB expert for a custom solution based on proven strategies. 
  • Our solutions are intended for multiple segments of the construction industry and address more than insurance marketing.

HUB’s experts cover:

  • Fine-tuning bids on future jobs by projecting changes in their Workers' Compensation experience modification factors long before the actual adjustment becomes available.
  • Tracking subcontractor's insurance certificates.
  • Analyzing contractual language and key questions regarding insurance requirements.

Program Design and Administration

  • Connect to assess:
    • Risk management goals
    • Philosophy
    • Service expectations
    • General insurance market conditions and analysis
    • Financial ratings
    • Underwriting philosophy
    • Strategy
    • Service capability
  • Develop and analyze marketing strategy and “Requests for Proposal”.  
  • Provide training and education in risk management and insurance topics to your employees involved in this area.

Policy Placements

  • Issue binders, coverage documentation and ID cards.
  • Arrange premium financing, carrier installments or other financing options.
  • Follow up for policies and check for accuracy prior to delivery.


  • Meet with your personnel involved in the claim process to determine procedures and lines of communication by coverage line and/or carrier.
  • Claim trending, analysis and management.
  • Develop claims handling procedures for the carrier or TPA to follow.

Loss Control

  • Assess needs and agree on service objectives.
  • Identify service providers for each objective.
  • Implement, monitor and re-evaluate plan as agreed.

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Related Coverages

Our Solutions

Construction is a hazardous and regulated industry with significant risks that require innovative, proactive solutions.  HUB's team of former risk managers, safety professionals, attorneys and property engineers deliver proven resources to local, national and international construction companies. 

We partner with our clients to understand their goals, objectives and challenges to develop solutions that address their complex needs. 

HUB offers a variety of solutions to protect your business from the exposures it faces, including:

For a more comprehensive listing of HUB's offerings, please click here

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Bond Services

As you plan for the security and growth of your business, the last thing you need is an off-the-shelf-bond product.  Whether a small contracting firm in need of your first bond or a large international corporation with multi-million dollar financial assurance needs, we offer the experience, knowledge and personal commitment to keep you moving forward. 

Why HUB?

HUB offers a wide variety of bond products to satisfy virtually any requirements.  We continually evaluate the needs of specialized industries so we may improve upon our existing products and develop new offerings that best protect you and cost less.

Options and Expertise

HUB's industry expertise enables us to work directly with insurer partners to negotiate favorable pricing and find the most appropriate coverage for your business. 

We offer specialized bond products and services, including:

  • Full-time program administration
  • Pre-bid conferences
  • Enrollment
  • Manuals and forms
  • Payroll capture
  • Financial reporting

Once the account is established, HUB provides 24-hour turnaround on bond requests.  Our longstanding relationships with leading A-rated bond companies enable us to pursue and negotiate the largest work programs at the best possible rates. 

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