Family Office White Papers

Under Lock and Key: Why High Net Worth Individuals Face Unique Exposures to Cyber Crimes
Cyber security breaches can take the form of theft, manipulation, destruction, extortion or a reduction of access to data and can happen for a variety of reasons. Some do it to destroy reputations, others for financial reasons, extortion and blackmailing. 
December 2015

When Your Business and Reputation are on the Line: Know Your Professional Liability Risks
Professional liability risk can pose a threat for specialists in just about any industry and profession, but high net worth (HNW) individuals often face even greater exposure. 
June 2015

Expecting the Unexpected: Disaster Planning Best Practices for High Net Worth Individuals
Effectively plan for natural and criminal disasters of all kinds. The ultimate goal after a disaster is to return to normal as quickly as possible. Being prepared is the key.
November 2014

Understanding Social Media Risks: The Winding Road Ahead
While social media has enhanced how people interact and businesses operate, these extraordinary technologies are not without risk.
April 2014

Are You Gambling With Your Family's Medical Care Decisions?
Learn about Healthcare Directives, a critical issue impacting families with unmarried children 18 years of age and older.
June 2013

Wealth at Risk: How High Net Worth Families Overpay to be Underinsured
Many opportunities exist to improve protection and maximize value in families' personal insurance programs.
March 2013

Passport for Safe Travels
Practical advice for affluent travelers.
February 2013

Retire with Confidence: How to Structure a Personal Insurance Program
Thirteen steps to better protect wealth and reduce expenses.
October 2012

The Family Office in the Dodd-Frank Regulatory Environment: New Risks & Requirements
Understand the new risks and requirements family offices are subject to as a result of the Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation.
May 2012

Targeting the Rich: Liability Lawsuits and the Threat to Families with Emerging and Established Wealth
The wealthy have growing concerns but underestimate the danger of multi-million-dollar verdicts.
March 2012

Passionate Investing on the Rise: Spotlight on Asset Protection for Collectors
Learn how high net worth individuals are acquiring fine art, valuable jewelry and other collections as investment assets and understand the unique risks that follow.
November 2011

Concierge Medicine: Brave New World of Health Care
Learn about Concierge Medicine and its potential impact on direct primary care.
November 2011

Does Your Valuables Coverage Meet the Gold Standard?
If your insurance hasn't kept pace with skyrocketing gold and other precious metals, your jewelry may be at risk.
October 2010

IRS Sharpens Approach to Audits of High Net Worth Individuals
Find out what is means to you and how to be prepared.
June 2010

Domestic Staffing Cycle: From Hiring to Firing
This paper addresses practices from hiring staff to amicable departures as well as for terminations and dismissals.
September 2009

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