Event Insurance

HUB Entertainment offers specialized insurance and risk management consultation for highly publicized live events and unique experiential marketing activities  and installations such as live stunts and obstacle courses with thousands of spectators and participants.   

Our advisors have the experience and track record to help ensure the success of your event. Let us provide you objective counsel in the selection of a wide range of high risk live event insurance solutions. 

Concerns associated with live events clientele include:

  • Venue damage
  • Equipment and construction risks 
  • Defining areas of responsibility between parties
  • Contractual obligations
  • Public safety

Insuring a live event, where the possibility of injury to spectators is unusually high, requires special expertise. There are unique risks and nuances in coverage that only a qualified entertainment specialist understands and knows how to implement.

How we differ:

  • We apply a big picture risk management view that extends to set construction, safety, logistics, and contractual obligations, to help you control your cost of risk. 
  • Our clients include major event producers and global brands that have brought unique and unforgettable interactive experiences to millions of consumers. 
  • HUB Entertainment specialists are top-notch in their field and completely dedicated to making sure your event runs smoothly and that you have protection in case of unforeseen incidents. Learn more about our specialists.

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