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HUB Entertainment

As a top 10 global brokerage, HUB International is a trusted provider of insurance and risk consulting services. HUB Entertainment Industry Solutions layers deep technical expertise on the scope and scale of HUB to deliver world class results for clients. Our entertainment experts are located across the United States and Canada, with a strong regional presence in Los Angeles, Nashville, Dallas, Miami, New York and Toronto. In addition, our access to a worldwide network of entertainment brokers enables us to meet client needs across the globe.  

We speak your language, understand the urgency of your needs and have the experience and resources to respond quickly with solutions. We work with you to reduce risks, manage costs and design comprehensive risk management and insurance plans that meet your requirements and ensure your continued success.

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Film, TV, New Media

The film and TV production industry is continuously evolving and facing new coverage challenges. Our film insurance experts help you achieve success by offering insurance and risk advisory services that protects your work from development to post production to distribution. Get the peace of mind you need from HUB Entertainment with sophisticated tools, resources and risk management solutions.

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Music Tours & Festivals

Audiences come with high expectations to see their favorite performer on center stage. Don’t let them down by not having your insurance coverage in order. Music and touring entities have specific insurance coverage needs and requirements that HUB specialists have decades of experience providing solutions for. From large-scale outdoor festivals, concert tours, event promoters and vendors, our entertainment specialists offer the right safeguards for professionally managed performers and bands, festival organizers and promoters, nightclubs and concert halls, event producers and all other vendors.

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High Risk Live Events

The thrill and excitement of high risk live events create spectacular experiences for audiences to learn, engage and most importantly be entertained. Our entertainment specialists ensure that each event delivers on its promise by providing targeted risk management solutions that cover the most dangerous public events where life safety is critical to success. From large-scale experiential marketing activities and motorsport events, to obstacle courses or other participant events, our team has the right solution for you.

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Theatre & Performing Arts

Looking for the right coverage solution for your local playhouse, touring theatrical production or Broadway show? HUB specialists serve as trusted advisors to organizations and companies that bring to life some of the most attended and beloved productions in the world. Our theatre specialists understand the unique risks and nuances in theatre, performing arts and venue coverage, and are uniquely qualified to implement tailored solutions that ensure the show must go on!

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Video Gaming

Managing the ever evolving risks of game development can be a daunting task, and that is why HUB Entertainment is committed to partnering with you to identify, manage and protect against claims and allegations that could result in financial harm to your business. HUB Entertainment is proud to be the official broker of the International Game Developers Association™ (IGDA), offering insurance and risk programs specifically designed for game developers that include comprehensive business insurance and employee benefit solutions that help keep you focused on what matters most. 

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Business Management

High net worth and high profile entertainment individuals whose affairs are handled by business management firms and family offices require a broker who understands this unique service model. HUB Entertainment offers risk and insurance solutions to protect your client’s personal and business assets as well as your firm’s fiduciary duties. As your trusted risk advisor, HUB Entertainment is committed to helping business managers retain their clients and add value to their firm’s service offerings.

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