HR Technology and Benefits Administration

Technology has always been a challenge for HR professionals. From ACA reporting to managing employee recruitment to delivering employee self-service tools, it is no longer feasible to do your job efficiently without the support of a well-designed, purpose-built technology solution. 

Let’s identify the solution that’s right for you. Because your objectives, culture, and budget is unique, you need a HUB advisor to help you identify the platform or solution that best meets your specific needs. 

We can help you achieve the following goals:

  • Free your HR team from time-consuming tasks better executed by HR technology;
  • Give your employees a positive enrollment experience;
  • Ensure compliance with ACA reporting requirements.

ACA Compliance Technology Checklist: 8 Essential Components

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Because HR technology is always evolving, you need an advisor who is on top of emerging services and solutions. Our rigorous evaluation process involves continuous evaluation of new providers and ongoing re-evaluation of preferred vendors for small, medium and large organizations. Learn how you can benefit from our preferred arrangements with competitive pricing and enhanced service components.

Disrupting Benefits Administration:  New technologies that make benefits administration easier and faster.  Check out our audio FAQ.

If your organization needs HRIS analysis and system selection, project management or systems consulting, we deliver these services through iHouse, our subsidiary consulting firm. Our iHouse consultants align technology, processes and strategy to help you meet your goals.

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