Employee Benefits

The concept of employee benefits has grown and changed. Where medical benefits were once considered the only kind that mattered, the range of benefits you can offer employees today extends well beyond medical and the standard electives such as dental and vision care. Your HUB advisor will work with you to explore the possibilities and help you craft a comprehensive offering that meets your employees’ needs and supports your business goals.

Let’s design the plan that’s right for your employee population.

Medical Benefits

The Employer Mandate of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) requires employers to offer eligible employees minimum affordable health care coverage, but there are many ways to achieve compliance. We’ll work with you to benchmark the competitiveness of your current plan and explore the wide range of medical plan options that HUB’s relationships with national carrier and provider networks can make available to you.

Ancillary Benefits

Your HUB advisor will work with you to design an optimized employee benefits plan that includes the ancillary benefits — dental, vision, life and more — that offer the greatest value to your employees at the lowest cost to your business.

Dental Benefits

The evidence is in. There is a strong correlation between your employees’ oral health and their overall health. An employee benefits solution from HUB can give you access to indemnity dental plans, Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) or Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DMO) dental benefits plans.

Vision Benefits

Vision care benefits are valuable to an aging workforce. You can show your shared concern with voluntary benefits coverage for professional vision care services and corrective lenses.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a genuine way to demonstrate your commitment to your employees and their families. HUB can help you obtain group or individual life insurance coverage that can provide security for your employees’ families.

Disability Insurance

A disabling illness, accident or injury can have a devastating impact on individuals and their dependents. Disability Insurance provides your employees with income protection in the event that they cannot work due to a disabling illness or accident.

Voluntary Benefits 

In today’s world, a one-size-fits-all approach to employee benefits doesn’t work anymore. Let’s work together to develop a personalized benefits portfolio that meets the unique needs of your employees without impacting your bottom line. 

If you haven’t reviewed your voluntary benefits lately, now is a great time to learn more about how we can help you develop a program that complements your core benefits and meets the diverse needs of your workforce. 

Let’s enhance your voluntary benefits.