Boost employee health and
productivity to maximize engagement
and business performance.

HUB’s new eBook From Wellness to Peak Performance, outlines the steps to start
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Good health is good business.

Healthy employees are productive employees.

Take your current wellness program to the next level by motivating employees to make health and lifestyle changes that have a positive impact on productivity.

It doesn’t have to be a huge and expensive production.
A simple grassroots campaign can really get employees engaged.

Together we can design a Health & Performance Program your employees will embrace.

What is a Health & Performance Program?

Health and performance programs fuel your organization’s growth and success.
It's what makes good companies great.

What is a Health & Performance Program?

It’s an investment and a commitment to a culture of health at every level, from the C-suite outward across the entire organization.

A Health & Performance Program provides personalized support, tools and incentives to help individuals make important lifestyle changes. And it measures ROI in ways that make good business sense including:

  • Improved productivity and retention,
  • fewer short-term disability and workers’ compensation claims, and
  • reduced employee stress levels and improved morale.

Philip Swayze

Director of Health & Performance – HUB International New England

“Organizations that only look at health and performance programs as a cost saving mechanism miss the opportunity to build a true culture of health and make a difference in their employees’ lives.”

Philip Swayze — Director of Health & Performance — HUB International New England

What it takes to do it well.

Organizations that base their programs on the three
fundamentals – data, communications and commitment
are getting the best return on their investment.

What it takes to do it well.

Data to shape and measure your program.

Use your data to establish benchmarks and measure year-over-year improvements in employee health and business performance.

Communications to drive participation.

Support your programs with vigorous communications to celebrate employee success and encourage higher employee participation rates.

Commitment to take a long-term approach.

Make a commitment to the long-term with the support of management to generate lasting, bottom-line benefits.

[Real Story]

Driving Down Workers’ Compensation Claims

HUB helped a transit company reverse mounting workers’ compensation claims. An analysis of the data showed that mechanics and drivers were suffering musculoskeletal problems.

The company brought in a physical therapist to coach employees on working postures, ergonomics and targeted exercise routines. This low cost initiative brought workers’ compensation claims down quickly and led to the development of a comprehensive Health & Performance Program.

[Real Story]

Healthy Habits

HUB International responded to its rising medical claims in 2010 with an employee health assessment and a medical plan discount to motivate employees to make healthier lifestyle choices. Despite some initial success, long term health care spending did not come down.

HUB redoubled its efforts to build a culture of health by launching HUB Healthy Habits (H3), an initiative that was bolstered by employee engagement that drove down medical claims delivering 2:1 hard dollar ROI.

How do I get management support for a Health & Performance Program?

  • Highlight the measureable returns that will resonate in your organization like improved quality and productivity.
  • Emphasize the upside for employees, such as reduced stress levels and improved job satisfaction and talent retention.
  • Provide a benchmark/example to back up your proposal.

Did you know?

H&P beats the S&P

A recent study of companies that have won the C. Everett Koop National Health Award showed organizations that invest in a culture of health can outperform Wall Street. Over a 14-year period when the S&P 500 Index rose only 105 percent, Koop award winners’ stock value rose more than 325 percent.

6 keys to Health & Performance Program success:

  1. 1.

    Use your data to set benchmarks you can measure against year over year.

  2. 2.

    Choose initiatives that will impact the benchmark data.

  3. 3.

    Identify funding and resources you will need to implement initiatives.

  4. 4.

    Rally executive support by outlining expected ROI and employee engagement.

  5. 5.

    Integrate health and performance goals into your overall benefits plan design.

  6. 6.

    Measure the impact of your Health & Performance Program at regular intervals and make adjustments for continuous improvement.

Philip Swayze

Director of Health & Performance – HUB International New England

From Wellness to Peak Performance

Get a deeper understanding of how a Health & Performance Program can boost employee health and productivity to maximize engagement and business performance.

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