Population Health Management

Your employees’ morale and sense of job satisfaction are among the basic barometers of your success. You want them to find meaning and take enjoyment in their work because happy employees are more likely to stay in your employ and more likely to recommend your company to others. Studies show that health is a key component of happiness. From a talent retention point of view, an investment in employee population health management makes sense.

It also makes good bottom-line sense to help keep your employees and their families healthy. Employees classified as low-risk put less pressure on your benefits plan. For each employee who loses low-risk status, health costs go up as much as $350 per year. And high-risk plan members can add as much as $2,000 more in annual claims.

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Employee Wellness

Some estimates suggest that $1 invested in a wellness program can save $3 in healthcare costs and slow healthcare cost increases by 15% or more. Your HUB advisor will help you integrate the right wellness vendor and the right initiatives into your population health management program. You’ll move your employees toward full accountability for their health while reducing plan costs and improving productivity.

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Absence Management

On any given day, 10% or more of your workforce may be absent and company productivity takes a direct hit. Your HUB advisor can help you address the problem of absenteeism — and the equally troubling phenomenon of presenteeism — with a Total Absence Management program. You’ll work with our experts to identify the causes of employee absence and formulate a fair and effective approach to managing, administering and tracking employee lost time. Then we’ll develop an action plan that combines your best options to address the causes, including medical benefits, wellness initiatives, disability insurance, family medical leave, and workers' compensation.

Your HUB absence management consultant will work with you to reduce absenteeism and improve productivity with a Total Absence Management program that fits your business and your employees’ needs.

See how employee absence can impact your company’s bottom line in HUB’s Absence Management Infographic.

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