2015 Benefits Administration Considerations

The Facts

New regulations have made the burden of administering employee health benefits and mandated leave greater.

The Challenge

Employers must evaluate costs and minimize exposures, while still attracting and retaining high-quality employees.

  • Many states including Massachusetts and cities including New York City and Newark, NJ, have passed mandated sick leave laws beyond the Family and Medical Leave Act.
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act may also now require employers to extend leave.
  • The Affordable Care Act's Employer Mandate requires health insurance to be provided to 95% of full-time employees and their dependents, beginning this year.

Employer questions

What types of documentation can the employer ask for?

How are part-time, seasonal, temporary and contract employees viewed by the law?

How can the financial impacts of these new regulations be minimized?

A HUB Employee Benefits specialist can help determine your organization's liability and compliance requirements.