Protect your Business from Civil Unrest


Civil unrest and street protests have the potential to disrupt your business as well as threaten the safety of your employees and customers.  Preparing in advance for the unexpected and taking the necessary steps to protect your business will help you minimize disruption, maintain customer confidence and keep your employees safe. 

Following are some quick tips to help your business prepare for disruptions associated with organized street protests and civil unrest:

  • Meet with local authorities and other companies in your area to discuss each other's actions and how you can work together to mitigate risks and respond to events.
  • Evaluate the physical protection of your property.
  • Consider increasing the use of visible security presence on the days when demonstrations or marches are planned.
  • Hold training sessions for your employees on emergency response and notification plans so that everyone understands procedures and knows how to communicate during an adverse event or business disruption. 
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