Cyber Risk Management and Information Security Services


Every organization - big or small, public or private, profit or nonprofit - is vulnerable to data breaches. In 2012, there were 447 data breaches, including 165 in the business industry and 154 in the medical/health industry. 

Despite these statistics, many organizations don't know:

  • Where they're most vulnerable
  • Who has access to their data
  • Whether their network security measures meet legal standards for prudent and reasonable safeguards.

To help you answer these critical questions, HUB partners with NetDiligence, a cyber risk assessment company that offers due-diligence services to help organizations determine how well their network security and privacy practices measure up against known industry standards, as well as regulatory and insurance carrier requirements. 

HUB's commitment to you is to offer electronic risk solutions that increase cyber readiness, improve breach responses, and inform you of new threats. 

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