Mass Shootings and Your Business: The Ottawa, Canada Assault


This week, a yet to be publicly identified number of assailants stormed the Canadian capital, firing shots inside Parliament, the National War Memorial and near the Rideau Centre shopping mall. At the time of this posting, one gunman had been killed and two victims transported to Ottawa Civic Hospital for treatment. Their conditions are being described as "non-life threatening."

As reporting continues and details emerge, the incident has forced Parliament Hill into lockdown and gripped the city's residents with fear. Those living in downtown Ottawa have been advised to stay away from windows and off of roofs. Authorities are working quickly to bring the crisis to a speedy resolution.

While the catalyst for the violence is still being investigated, this latest instance of terror comes just two days after a man attacked two Canadian soldiers in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que. One of those soldiers subsequently died from his injuries, and the suspect was shot and killed by police. Following this violence, the country raised the domestic terror threat level from low to medium.

It's been a troubling week for authorities and civilians alike in Canada, renewing discussions of how to prepare for and limit the damage to human life and property in the event of mass shootings. It's unfortunately the case that violent individuals will always remain unpredictable to some degree, but the right crisis management plan can literally save lives.

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