Amtrak Crash Highlights Safety and Disaster Management Planning

Tragedy struck Tuesday evening when an Amtrak train en route from Washington DC to New York derailed as it rounded a sharp curve in Port Richmond, Philadelphia. At this time, there are eight confirmed deaths, many injuries and numerous unknowns to the cause of this accident. Passengers reported being thrown from their seats as every one of the train cars derailed from the railway tracks causing major chaos.

Officials from the National Transportation and Safety Board are working to understand what went wrong. Of the 243 passengers onboard, there are still several who have yet to be accounted for. Unfortunately this area has seen deadly train tragedies before. The vicinity where the derailment happened is known as Frankford Junction which is close to where another deadly train accident occurred in 1943 killing 79 people.

The derailment comes on the heels of another Amtrak crash involving an oversized semi tractor-trailer in Halifax, North Carolina. For Amtrak, as search, recovery and investigations begin, it is certain they will take this opportunity to review safety programs as well as disaster management planning. They will identify root causes of the crash that may not be obvious or initially seem to have little to do with the tragedy. The Risk Services Team at HUB International provides disaster planning guidelines for businesses of all sizes and industries, and is adept at identifying underlying causes that may be difficult to recognize internally.

Our experts have developed many tools and resources to help companies prepare for major accidents like these. As a passenger transport, Amtrak needs to comply with applicable regulations as well as industry best standards. They have a responsibility to their customers and passengers to provide the safest rail transportation possible. A tragic event like this one engrains in all business owners the need to be prepared for the unexpected.

HUB Risk Services offers companies educational materials and best practices to mitigate the impact of such tragedies. Download HUB’s white paper, Preparing for the Unexpected: Disaster Management Planning for Businesses.

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