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Areas of Practice

% Administrative   % Real Estate - Commercial
% Bankruptcy   % Taxation
% Collections   % Wills/Estate/Probate/Trust
% Commercial & Corporate General Lit. - Defense   % Workers' Compensation - Defense
% Commercial & Corporate General Lit. - Plaintiff   % Banking Services
% Corporate Formation/Alteration   % Environmental
% Criminal   % SEC/State Securities
% Family Law   % Entertainment, Sports or Celebrity
% Immigration   % Investment Counseling/Money Management
% Mediation/Arbitration   % Mergers/Acquisitions
% Personal or Bodily Injury - Defense   % Oil, Gas or Mining
% Personal or Bodily Injury - Plaintiff   % Patent/Copyright/Trademark
% Real Estate - Residential   % Other 

Current Insurance Information

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Retroactive Date:  
Limits of Liability:   Deductible $:
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Attorney Names Designation Date Admitted to Bar House Worked Per Week

Other Information

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Date firm established:  
Docket Type:  

Is your docket maintained by at least two people?  
How frequently is your docket cross-checked?  
Conflict Type:  

If a sole practitioner, do you have a back-up attorney?  
Do you use Engagement Letters?  
Fee Agreements?  
Declination Letters?  
Does any attorney in the firm serve as a director, officer, or
employee of any client of the firm?
If yes, provide details:
Does any attorney hold an equity interest in any client's business?  
If yes, provide details:
Has any member of the firm been disbarred, reprimanded,
suspended, had license revoked or had any complaint or
disciplinary action?
If yes, provide details (Prior claim supplements with updates will be helpful):
Over the last five years, has any attorney of the firm
(past or present) had a malpractice claim filed against them
or reported an incident or circumstance to a
malpractice carrier?
If yes, provide details of incident/claim:

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