Employee Benefits Consulting

  • Benefits Solutions for 1 - 75 Employees
  • Benefits Solutions for 75+ Employees
    • Flex Benefits Expertise
    • Collective Bargaining Experience
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • Health Spending Accounts / PHSP
  • Flex Spending Account
  • Executive Benefits
  • Administrative Support
  • Design, Funding & Underwriting arrangements
  • Insurance Carrier Negotiations
  • Services Through Affiliates
    • Disability Management
    • Organizational Development / Workplace Transformation
    • Executive Recruitment
    • Workplace Engineering Solutions

Retirement Consulting

Our Group Retirement program has two main focuses, the Employer and the Employee.

Our focus with the Employer is to alleviate time and expertise constraints. We accomplish this by providing the services required to build and maintain a Group Retirement plan that is focused on the company's goals and needs.

We begin with proactive goal-setting and planning, focusing on strategic criteria that helps drive plan performance and financial wellness. Ongoing, we will work with you to analyze plan performance and seek continuous improvement.

  1. Assess Needs
    • Plan Analysis
    • Investment Analysis
    • Economic and Market Commentaries
    • Regulatory Compliance
    • Disciplined Advice and Guidance for Plan Sponsors and Employees
  2. Establish Goals
    • Regular Reviews
    • Mutual Goal Establishment
  3. Develop Plan
    • Measurements Identified
    • Products Identified
    • Fees Disclosed
  4. Check Progress
    • Plan Design and Utilization Updates
    • Investment Performance
    • Funding Levels
    • Measurements Reviewed
    • Participating Wellness Monitoring
    • Regulatory Updates and Compliance
  5. Our focus with the Employees is to provide an extended commitment of financial and education resources along with support and guidance in every plan we service. It begins with the assessment of participants' current financial health situation; from this we can build a roadmap to retirement success.
    • Retirement Solutions for 1 – 75 Employees
    • Retirement Solutions for 75+ Employees
    • Program Development
    • Provider Comparisons
    • Individual Pension Plans (IPP)
    • Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSA)
    • Annuities, LIF’s, RIF’s
    • Succession Planning

Association Member Benefits

  • Program Development
  • Marketing & Member Communication Support
  • Benefits Supplier Negotiations
  • Progress and Participation Reports
  • Benefits Management & Administration
  • Surveys
  • Trade Magazines

Wellness Consulting

  • Wellness Advantage Report with Claims Analysis
    • Drug Utilization
    • Paramedical Practitioner Usage
    • Disability Claims
  • Wellness Spending Account
    • Policy Documents
    • Employee Communication
  • Customized Online Employee Resources
  • Launch and Ongoing Communication and Program Support
  • Return on Investment Reporting
    • EAP Utilization
    • Screening Clinic results
    • Employee engagement survey