Personal insurance is all about you!  

Emerge Personal Benefits, offered through HUB STRATA, is a service that aims to smooth the transition for any Employee moving from Group benefits to Individual Insurance.

The Emerge program is 100% voluntary for any Employee considering retirement or leaving the Group Plan; simply use the resources on this page for your Needs Assessment. To ensure there are no gaps in coverage, please contact prior to losing group insurance.

Health & Dental Plans

  • All-Inclusive: Multiple comprehensive plan levels for individual preference.
  • ƒƒCustomized: Base plans with options for each individual medical need including Dental, Prescription Drug, Annual Travel, Extended Health Care, Hospital Cash and Vision Coverage.
  • ƒƒNo medical evidence required (if applied for within specified timeframe).ƒƒ
  • No Age Restrictions.
  • ƒƒSingle/Couple/Family Premium Rates per Province.
  • ƒƒOption to change plan level with existing Carrier at each renewal.
  • ƒƒDrug Card option.
  • ƒƒHSA Compatible - use to top up expenses not fully covered, submit premiums for reimbursement.


  • Annual Multi-trip plans
  • Top-up plans for existing coverage
  • Single Trip plans for quick getaway
  • Unique produts for Baggage Loss, Trip Cancellation, etc.

In addition to Health, Dental and Travel insurance, we can also coordinate any Specialty Products you may be interested in, from Medical Diagnostic Assistance to Income Replacement Insurance.


The following programs are available through HUB STRATA's Emerge service, and are administered directly with the provider. Click the following links for more information.                           

MyCare Health Benefit Option

STRATA Hospital Cash

Retirement Transition Insurance


 Click here to select and apply for your coverage.

Only need Travel Insurance? Call 1-877-976-7526 for coverage information.


Complete the Emerge Needs Assessment form below and an Emerge Specialist will contact you shortly!


Emerge Needs Assessment 


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