CFO Roundtable: Disruptive Technology

Disruptive Technology
CFO Roundtable:

Disruptive Technology: How New Technology is Changing the Landscape of Employee Benefits and Wellness

We hope you can join Mike Barone, National President Employee Benefits of HUB International, for the next CFO Roundtable on September 9th. The session covers employee benefits technology (i.e., private exchange options) and its evolution..

In this seminar, you’ll learn:

  • How rapid (and welcome) changes in technology are reshaping employee benefits– and quite possibly the future of your company’s benefit programs.
  • How technology will reshape employee engagement and appreciation of benefits, leading to sustainable cost management.
  • The rapid rate of innovation – how today’s disparate technology solutions will become tomorrow’s streamlined platforms.
  • How to capture “big data” not only for compliance and reporting purposes, but also to shape your benefit offerings.
  • Best practices for implementation, communication and reporting using new technology.

A private exchange option checklist/matrix will be shared to use to:

  • Outline goals 
  • Evaluate choices
  • Review each platform plan offered
  • Examine reputations and capabilities
  • Choose the tools you need
  • Consider the user experience

Who should attend? CFOs, CEOs, HR Executives, and Risk Managers


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Mike Barone
National President Employee Benefits, HUB International  

Mike Barone is President of Employee Benefits for HUB International, along with being a member of both the CA Executive Management Team and the National Employee Benefits Executive Committee of HUB. He has had over 20 years of experience in various sectors of the insurance industry and has an extensive background in management, finance, marketing and technical benefit administration systems.

Breakfast Session

Mira Sorrento West
5355 Mira Sorrento Pl., Second Floor Meeting Room
San Diego, CA 92121

Wednesday, September 9th | 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
This session is free to attend.   


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