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HUB Best Practice Assessment Results in Significant Client Savings and Useful Process Benchmark

Best practices assessments are used to identify problems or gaps in your risk management programs relative to recognized best practices. We often use this process when establishing new partnerships and have also modified the process into an annual audit process specific to the client’s risks and needs.

Based on the implementation of our recommendations, many HUB clients have seen significant returns including the reduction of loss time cases by up to 75%, claim frequency by up to 40%, and claim severity by up to 70% despite increases in working hours.

For better performing clients, the process provided a useful benchmark of current activities relative to best practices.

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HUB Assists Client in Complying with Significant Insurance Carrier Recommendations by Providing a Low-Cost Solution

One of our main consulting roles is to provide advocacy services on behalf of our clients, organizing/overseeing carrier loss control services, reviewing carrier recommendations, and implementing a number of risk management and loss reduction strategies. 

In one instance, a property insurance carrier had previously issued a report and recommendations to a property management/real estate company for significant fire protection upgrades to two historic properties. Additionally the carrier had indicated that failure to comply with the recommendations could result in non-renewal. HUB worked with the carrier and the client to review the report, understand the root causes driving the recommendations, and assist the client in designing/implementing new policies, training, and testing activities to meet the underlying carrier concerns.

As a result of HUB’s involvement and services, the insurance carrier waived all the recommendations, resulting in a savings estimated in excess of $1 million.

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HUB Assists Client in Identifying Major Slip/Fall Risks and Implements Controls

Slip/Falls claims commonly contribute to losses in a number of industries, resulting in significant general liability and workers compensation claim frequency and resulting costs. HUB has the ability to conduct Tribometry (slip coefficient) assessments on flooring materials, analyze cleaning processes, and recommend a variety of controls in an effort to reduce slip/fall exposures to employees and customers. 

Using our slip/fall assessment services, our consultants identified a major design flaw in a retail client’s flooring design, and gaps in cleaning/maintenance processes that had contributed to millions of dollars of slip/fall claims (over a 10yr period), and established controls that significantly limited the losses going forward.

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HUB Developed and Implemented an Audit Process that Reduced Client’s WC claims by 75% and Drove Consistency in Their Operations

HUB routinely works with clients to design processes to accurately measure/analyze the effectiveness of the facility level implementation of safety, environmental, claims, and property protection strategies. 

HUB assisted one manufacturing client by designing a custom audit process based on best practices, then implemented the process at a number of domestic and international locations. The process drove consistent best practice application in the operations, resulting in a 75% decrease in Workers Compensation and related costs in a two year period.

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HUB Assists Client in Solving Critical Fire Protection Issue

HUB often works with clients to review current property protection measures, conduct alarm and detection system evaluations, and other property protection services to reduce the potential loss of physical assets and operational capabilities that result in lost revenues, market share, and diminished shareholder value.

One manufacturing client’s infrared smoke detection/fire suppression system was overly sensitive to the new construction and manufacturing process, causing significant problems and ultimately delaying the start-up of the new operation. The challenge was to redesign a system that met the code requirements of the city and county as well as the needs of the company. HUB reviewed the detection and suppression plans and then made recommendations to the client. The resulting data from this review was critical in getting approval from the city engineer and resulted in the development and implementation of a custom solution. 

With HUB’s involvement, the client was able to make the needed changes in-house, saving them the expense of engaging outside engineering services and allowing them to continue re-construction and ultimately on-time production.

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HUB Assists Client in Creating Consistency in their Global Operations

We assist clients in developing national and global safety management systems, corporate standards, and related materials to establish a consistent operational and prevention framework based on best practices. We then conduct safety management and leadership training to ensure proper application of the standards across the system.

Based on the implementation of this system, one global manufacturing company has seen dramatic decreases in incidents as well as an increase in external audit scores by 25% across their operations.

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HUB Ergonomic Assessment and Engineering Solutions Help Client Significantly Reduce Ergonomics Incidents

Working with our clients’ management we develop internal Ergonomics Teams, conduct analysis and training, and design a streamlined and sustainable management process to reduce ergonomic exposures and related workers’ compensation costs. We also partner with clients to properly design or re-engineer processes to minimize exposures and increase productivity. 

For example, we assisted a manufacturing client in reducing their ergonomics-related claims costs by almost $2.5 million dollars in a three year period, and assisted one national financial services client in reduced ergonomic-related incidents by more than 40%.

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HUB Assists Client in Implementing Fleet Safety Controls to Reduce Vehicle-Related Crashes

Our fleet safety management services work with clients to reduce the costs of vehicle-related accidents and injuries. We have assisted clients in developing best practice solutions including management programs, driver selection criteria, orientation and monitoring processes, implementation of conventional and web-based training systems, and other activities. 

Based on the implementation of our programs, some clients have seen more than a 60% reduction in vehicle-related crashes.

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HUB Assists Client in Designing and Implementing Effective Emergency Response, Crisis Management, and Business Continuity Solutions

Our emergency response, crisis management, and business continuity plans protect many high profile companies throughout the United States and are designed help our clients prepare to respond effectively to the perils that threaten their people, property, operations, and the environment. Our services include assessments, planning, training, and drills/exercises. The goal is to develop a capability that will enable effective decision-making and execution of protection, continuity, crisis management, and recovery strategies for whatever situation unfolds.

Based on our activity/involvement, one large food processor was able to comply with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) requirements for effective incident response and crisis management plans. In addition, a global hotel corporation, property management companies, manufacturing companies, and educational institution clients were able to implement plans to effectively respond to and recover from actual events.

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HUB Creates Process to Drive Safe Employee Behavior

Our behavior-based safety process assists clients in developing a system to identify and measure safe and unsafe behavior and create an environment where safe behavior is reinforced. 

Utilizing this HUB consulting process, a large client’s incident and severity rates were reduced by 45% and 50% respectively over a three year period.

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HUB Develops Web-Based Training Systems to Provide Custom Risk Management and Safety Training to Unique Client Exposures

We have assisted numerous clients in developing customized web-based training systems to deliver appropriate safety training to all employees. The training content is developed by HUB’s Board-Certified Safety Professionals based on the client’s exposures and then uploaded into a client-specific interface. A Learner Management System (LMS) manages employee data, including required courses and quiz scores. The result is a 24/7 customized learning environment that will deliver consistent training to a widespread audience, with the ability to track usage and learning comprehension at the local and system-wide levels. 

HUB was able to develop and implement customized training solutions for a number of clients, including an award-winning emergency response training system for a global hotel corporation’s corporate headquarters as well as industry-specific risk management and safety training systems for a large veterinary association and golf association. 

Additionally, HUB maintains partnerships with a variety of web-based training vendors.

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