Contest and Prize Insurance

Contest and prize insurance allows your organization to transfer the financial liability associated with prizes offered in competitions to an insurance carrier, thereby enhancing the value you derive from promotions, games or contests. Doing so allows your organization to benefit from the impact of offering larger, more valuable prizes while continuing to be cost-effective.

Contest insurance specialists will determine the statistical odds of the prize being won and use the probabilities to calculate the cost of coverage, which allows them to design programs that offer large prizes for a fraction of their cost.

We apply prize insurance coverage to eliminate the risk of paying out the prize if there is a winner. The results are secure, high impact programs that deliver on your specific objectives.

Sample risks that may be covered:


  • Hole-in-one
  • Basketball shots
  • Soccer kicks
  • Football kicks


  • Online promotions
  • Scratch & win games
  • Collect & win games
  • If X happens, we will give away X

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