Protecting Your Employees While They Travel on Business

While most business travel is safe, it can place employees in an environment where they may be unaware or ill prepared for potential safety and security risks. According to the Global Travel Business Association, as many as 80% of business travelers believe it is their company’s responsibility to provide protection from harm while they are traveling on business.

Business travel accident (BTA) insurance coverage lessens the complications of business travel, allowing employers to shield their employees from the financial repercussions that could follow an incident while traveling on business.

Ideally, BTA policies will include the following key features:

  • Pre-trip planning with travel visa/passport assistance and immunization recommendations
  • Emergency evacuation services that help an employee return to their country of origin 
  • Relocation benefits provide the employee and those traveling with the employee coverage related to relocation 
  • Accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) pays the employee for dismemberment injury or survival upon accidental death 
  • Emergency medical includes upfront payment of medical bills and the appropriate quality of care available for the employee’s emergency 
  • Repatriation of remains will bring employees back to country-of-origin should there be a medical emergency or death 
  • Emergency travel assistance covers stolen or lost travel documents and luggage, emergency cash advances, legal and medical referrals and interpreter assistance 

Because business travel adds a degree of risk and inconvenience to a job, supplementing existing benefits plans with BTA coverage can also be a tool for retaining existing and attracting new employees willing to travel. BTA insurance can be flexible, allowing the employer to tailor coverage to the specific travel needs of their business. 

Contact your HUB Risk Services broker to find out more about adding BTA coverage to your business offerings.