Boiler and Machinery Insurance

HUB International's boiler and machinery insurance professionals' extensive underwriting, engineering and property risk management experience enables us to design and negotiate competitive, tailored insurance programs that will protect your company from equipment breakdown, property damage and business interruptions.

HUB will identify opportunities and potential risks for your organization by continually monitoring the boiler and machinery insurance marketplace for changes in underwriting philosophy and industry trends.

We are committed to understanding your operations, exposures and risk management philosophies. Our specialists will work in partnership with you to design a responsive insurance program that:

  • Provides appropriate limits of coverage
  • Properly addresses unusual exposures
  • Fine-tunes the relationship between premiums and retentions.

HUB provides innovate boiler and machinery solutions, such as:

  • Broad, all-inclusive property coverage forms to include boiler peril
  • Competitive rating programs, including loss-sensitive property retro plans
  • Global property insurance programs, which may also include boiler peril

HUB's boiler and machinery insurance specialists are dedicated to identifying and minimizing exposures to loss and reducing your overall business costs. We will work with your risk management staff to tailor a boiler and machinery insurance program to fit your needs.

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