Our Claims Department

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Please contact 1-855-HUB-HELP (1-855-482-4357)

At HUB International Insurance Brokers, we pride ourselves in serving as your advocate when it comes to corporate claims. We ensure that claims are adjusted and settled in a fair, equitable and timely fashion.  Our experienced claims team is second to none. We are structured to specialize in your area and offer our assistance and guidance with a view to bringing claims to a speedy resolution.

Our claims department works to:

  • Act as liaison between your firm and the insurer
  • Develop claims-handling guidelines with the insurer on your behalf
  • Establish procedures for the reporting of claims and suits
  • Monitor claims that are of special significance to your firm
  • Assist in the resolution of coverage issues
  • Advocate prompt and fair settlement practices
  • Assist in evaluating settlement proposals
  • Propose structured settlements and develop proposals
  • Review claims to determine the need for reporting to excess underwriters
  • Assist in resolving conflicts between primary and excess carriers
  • Report losses to the proper insurance carrier and arrange for a prompt inspection by the adjuster
  • Assist you in the proper method of presenting a claim after details are accumulated
  • Discuss coverage with you and the insurer, and provide opinions regarding interpretation
  • Ensure prompt payment of the claim upon settlement
  • Be available 24/7 to handle after hour emergency claims