Fitness Leaders Program – New Brunswick

As a NFLA-registered fitness leader, you automatically receive $2 million in Commercial General Liability insurance coverage through HUB International Insurance Brokers. This insurance program ensures that you have adequate coverage, wherever you instruct in New Brunswick or other parts of Canada, as long as you work within your Scope of Practice in any of the following specialties:

  • Group Fitness
  • Aquatic Fitness
  • Weight Training
  • 3rd Age Fitness
  • Yoga EXCLUDING Bikram Yoga and Inversion Asanas

The package complements existing coverage provided by some facilities.

Click here to download your NFLA New Brunswick Confirmation of Insurance. 

Please note that if your registration expires, you are no longer covered under the NFLA insurance program. If you apply for an extension, you will not be insured for the period between your registration expiration date and renewal date.

The Fitness Insurance program does not cover other designations that offer a certificate of completion such as (but not limited to) Zumba and Bellyfit unless the instructor is a certified Group Fitness Leader through our eligible certifying bodies and has been approved through an evaluation procedure by their certifying body to instruct these fitness designations. If you wish to teach designations such as Zumba or Bellyfit and are not a certified Group Fitness Leader with approval from your certifying body, you must purchase a Dance Instructors Insurance Policy.

The NFLA insurance program does not cover you when you work as a Personal Trainer. However, HUB International is pleased to offer a program for Personal Trainers at an annual premium between $135-$185 depending on your selected limit of liability. Click here to purchase this policy online.

Echo Zhou, Account Manager
T: 604.269.1919