Drew Adam

Drew Andrew Director of Surety Relations/Marketing

Drew has been in the surety business for over 30 years and is the current leader of the HUB International Surety/Construction Practice Group, based out of Edmonton, Alberta.

Prior to the merger with HUB, Drew was the Managing Partner of Phoenix Insurance Group for 21 years. Phoenix was one of the largest service providers of construction risk and surety in Alberta and has continued its success as part of HUB. Drew spent the first 10 years of his career with bonding companies, where he rose to a position of Surety Manager.

Drew’s tenure in the construction surety business gives him unique insight into the many opportunities and challenges presented by his long-time clientele. It is through Drew’s diverse client base that he derives satisfaction from collaborations with clients and underwriters alike. 

Outside of work, Drew spends his time with his three children and spouse. A life-long Edmonton resident, Drew also spends time on a variety of activities with his many acquaintances and friends. His hobbies include golf, hockey and yoga.

Phone: (780) 453-8405
Email: drew.adam@hubinternational.com