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Auto Insurance - BC

Effective August 01, 2014, HUB International customers will no longer be able to complete the TELUS ICBC payroll deductions transactions at any HUB International TOS offices.

After this date, all in-person transactions will need to be completed at a HUB International Barton office. Alternatively, please use the mail in option to complete the application.

To verify an office location's ability to accept applications in person, please refer to our complete branch list below or call us at 1-866-818-8686 to find the location nearest you. 

For TELUS team members and their spouses in British Columbia, we offer the convenience of a no-interest payroll deduction for your auto insurance. Simply authorize us to have your insurance taken from your paycheque in easy installments. No banking fees or interest apply. To renew your ICBC auto insurance, we have two methods that you may choose between.  See below for details.

Call 1-866-818-8686 as soon as you receive your Renewal Reminder letter from ICBC and we'll help identify your best option!


The mail-in option must be done a minimum of 10 days prior to the renewal date. Your renewal decal will be returned to you in your office mail!


We have 50 locations throughout British Columbia with varying hours of operation. Click here to find the office closest to you or call 1-866-818-8686 and we can help!

** Note that in order to qualify for payroll deduction on your ICBC insurance, you must supply a credit card on the payroll deduction form. If you do not have a credit card or choose not to give this information to us, ask us about other payment options.