Determining your Premium

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  • The territory that you are operating your vehicle in will determine the premium that you pay. Call your local HUB Barton office for more details.

Rate Classes:

  • Your premium is also determined by what you will be using your vehicle for. There are over 150 rate classes for various uses and different types of vehicles. Some common uses are:
    • pleasure use
    • business use
    • driving to or from work within 15 km one way
    • driving to or from work beyond 15 km one way
    • senior (over 65) pleasure use
  • Contact your local HUB Barton office for help in determining the correct use for your vehicle.

Your Vehicle:

  • The type of vehicle you drive determines the premium you pay for your own damage coverage, such as collision and comprehensive.
  • Premiums paid for this coverage are based on vehicle rate groups, which are determined by the type of vehicle based on factors such as its rate of theft, the price of replacement part, and the loss ratio for vehicles like it.
  • See your local HUB Barton office for more details.

The Antitheft Device Discount:

  • ICBC offers an antitheft device discount, which varies in amount, off of the comprehensive premium of your policy.
  • To qualify, the antitheft device must disable the starter, ignition, or fuel when the key is removed from the vehicle. An antitheft device is not eligible if it must be manually activated when leaving the vehicle.
  • See local HUB Barton office for more information on the rate of antitheft device discounts and to obtain the ICBC brochure "Buying a Better Antitheft Device."

Drive Experience Savings:

  • You may be eligible for more savings if the registered owner, principal operator and all members of your household using the vehicle have held a valid drivers license for at least 10 or more years. Call your local HUB Barton office for more details.

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